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Letter: More Keystone misinformation

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Saturday, September 21, 2013 4:47 pm

Letter: More Keystone misinformation Letter to the Editor East Valley Tribune |

Will the Obama-haters please get off of this kick regarding the final leg of the Keystone Pipeline being our nation’s salvation for energy independence. Please!

Youssef Khalaf (Letters, Tribune, Sept. 18) writes: “Our ever increasing reliance on foreign oil has left us in a financial tough spot…” Really? In actuality, the United States is importing less oil now than at any time since 2000. We are importing about 7.5 million barrels per day now versus 10.5 mb in 2006 (when you-know-who-was-president). In the last year alone imported oil is down about 10.5%. Where Mr. Khalaf got his information I do not know, but I have a strong suspicion.

Mr. Khalaf also says, “The price of oil continues to increase.” Again, his statement is wrong. On Jan. 1, Brent Spot oil was $112.98 per barrel. On Sept. 13, it was $113.31, hardly a major increase. One year ago it was $117.48. How is that an increase?

Mr. Khalaf laments that “we need to become larger producers of domestic oil.” No argument there. In fact, domestic oil production is up over 17 percent in the last year alone. That’s a darn good increase.

The final leg of the Keystone pipeline will funnel Canadian oil to Gulf Coast ports where it will be shipped overseas for refining and consumption. The refining capacity of the United States is at its peak; additional oil will be sent abroad, primarily China and India. And, since the major exporter of oil to the United States is Canada, followed by Mexico, how will the Keystone pipeline expansion “shelter American citizens’ pocketbooks from being tied to the instability of the Middle East?” Please explain.

Edward F Murphy


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