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Tempe’s ‘A’ Mountain Challenge aims to support downtown businesses

Downtown Tempe has a new challenge that aims to test your limits, earn rewards, and support merchants in the area.The "A" Mountain Challenge is a seven-week hiking, walking, or running challenge taking place from March 10 to April 30. You can complete the challenge on your own schedule."A" Mountain is 1,496 feet in elevation.Downtown Tempe Authority estimated how many times you would have to climb it to reach the height of a larger famous mountain, as well as a corresponding prize:Camelback: 2,707 ft. = 4 times | Prize: A Mountain SwagHumphreys Peak: 12,633 ft. = 10 times | Prize: $5 Gift Card to a Downtown MerchantMt. Rainier: 14,411 ft. = 25 times | Prize: $5 Gift Card to a Downtown MerchantMt. Everest: 29,032 ft. = 40 times | Prize: $5 Gift Card to a Downtown Merchant AND Entry Into the Grand Prize for a chance to win a Downtown Tempe Staycation Package.DTA also acknowledged that "A" Mountain and surrounding land is sacred to local tribal communities and asked people to respect the butte as they enjoy the views by staying on the trail, not disturbing the landscape, and leaving no trace.Also, this year's new signature t-shirt design holds special meaning."We acknowledge that "A" Mountain is sacred to local tribal communities, and this year we also wanted to acknowledge that with the design," said Kate Borders, President and CEO of Downtown Tempe Authority. "We are honored to have this year's image and t-shirt designed by Navajo designer Jared Yazzie, founder and owner of OXDX."One of Yazzie's signature shirts is included in the $25 fee.To register for the challenge, visit the website by April 15.