This article originally appeared July 13, 2020.

A couple of convenience store crimes need to be solved. The first one, a robbery, happened at 25th and Glendale avenues Feb. 22, 2020. It was 12:30 in the morning.

“You can clearly see on the video,” Phoenix Police Sgt. Jamie Rothschild said, “that when the suspect comes in, he looks around for a moment then goes up to the counter.

“In his hand he has a plastic bag that he probably brought for the robbery.”

The man approached the clerk while displaying a gun in his waistband and demanded cigarettes and lottery tickets.

“As the clerk is complying, you can see a couple of times when the suspect touches that gun,” Rothschild said.

The robber got what he wanted and took off on foot.

Investigators said if you look at the pictures, you may recognize his hat or his tattoos.

He has ink on the right side of his neck and his left arm is “sleeved.”

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Next, we head to 16th and Washington streets in Phoenix.

This aggravated assault happened April 22, 2020, just after 10:30 p.m.

Rothschild said this guy’s appearance was memorable. “He has tattoos on his right forearm and was carrying a skateboard that had the word ‘Grizzly’ in red print on it.”

When the guy came in the store, the clerk was in an argument with a woman.

That’s when the skater pulled out a gun, pointed it at the woman’s head and threatened to shoot her.

“We’re not aware of why he would have gotten involved in this,” Rothschild said, “or if he knew anyone involved in the argument but we have good pictures and we hope someone will recognize him, his tattoos or even his skateboard.”

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Feb. 22, 2020. (Surveillance Photo/Phoenix Police) Feb. 22, 2020. (Surveillance Photo/Phoenix Police) Feb. 22, 2020. (Surveillance Photo/Phoenix Police) April 22, 2020 (Surveillance Photo/Phoenix Police) April 22, 2020 (Surveillance Photo/Phoenix Police)