PHOENIX — Drivers traveling near some Phoenix canal banks should begin planning for extra commute time as maintenance is set to begin Friday, SRP announced.

The closure begins Friday and is scheduled to be finished Feb. 8, affecting traffic from 56th Street and Indian School Road to 48th Street, according to a press release.

Other areas where traffic will be affected include Beeline Highway to Indian Bend Siphon, just west of Hayden Road.

The draining will allow for maintenance, construction and to make repairs on portions of the canal damaged by monsoon storms, SRP said.

Northside irrigation SRP customers will not receive water from the canals during this time.

Crews will relocate the fish used to control aquatic vegetation, the white amur, to another portion of the canal.

They will also repair gates, work to remove silt and replace the concrete lining.

As part of the closure, portions of the canal will be closed to traffic, including bikers and pedestrians.