PHOENIX — Spoiler alert: It was hot in Phoenix in 2022. But the heat wasn’t as extreme as in previous years, according to meteorologists.

The National Weather Service’s climate year in review revealed that 2022 was the 12th-hottest year in Phoenix since records began in 1896.

The average temperature in Arizona’s capital city was 76.1 degrees, down from 76.3 degrees in 2021.

The average high temperature also decreased to 87.8 degrees, the 15th-warmest in Phoenix history. The average high was 88.2 degrees in 2021.

No months were in the top five warmest in the 125 years of record keeping. June (94.2 degrees) and September (91.1 degrees) each had the sixth-highest average temperature.

Phoenix only had three days of record heat, down slightly from last year. Two of those happened in a three-day stretch when the mercury hit 113 degrees June 10 and June 12.

Like in 2020 and 2021, there were no record low temperatures recorded.

In total, Phoenix finished with 22 days of 110-degree weather and 113 days of 100-degree weather.

Rainfall totals also decreased as Phoenix received 5.78 inches, down from about 7 inches in the previous year.

There were two daily rainfall records eclipsed — .18 inches on June 26 and .76 inches on Dec. 4.