Andrés Cano at a press conference as House Democratic leader. (Twitter Photo/@AZHouseDems) (Twitter Photo/@AZHouseDems) Andrés Cano at a press conference as House Democratic leader. (Twitter Photo/@AZHouseDems)

PHOENIX — Ahead of Gov. Katie Hobbs’ first State of the State address, Arizona Democrats unveiled their 2023 legislative blueprint on Monday.

The minority party in both chambers of the Legislature presented an eight-part “Blueprint for a Better Arizona” that addresses some of the state’s leading topics such as the water crisis, reproductive rights and education.

The blueprint also outlines plans to ensure public safety, election integrity, rebuilding the economy and to expand equity.

“Our ‘Blueprint for a Better Arizona’ reflects priorities that will give every Arizonan the opportunity to thrive, regardless of ZIP code: Strong schools, good jobs, equal rights and safe, healthy communities,” Arizona Democrats said.

“We will work together, with our new governor and across the aisle, to put working families first, invest strategically to protect and uplift Arizonans living in poverty and to grow our economy from the middle out.”

The plan was released hours before Hobbs is set to deliver her State of the State address at 2 p.m.

“In past sessions, this press conference served as a counterweight to a Republican governor’s State of the State speech, delivered to a Republican House and a Republican Senate,” Andrés Cano, House Democratic leader, said at a press conference.

“And in 2022, Arizona voters said loudly and clearly that they want something different. They want their elected leaders to work together and they want results.”

Hobbs is the first Democratic governor to hold the position since Janet Napolitano left in 2009.