Arizona candidate for governor Republican Doug Ducey smiles on the studio set prior to a televised debate Monday, Sept. 29, 2014, in Phoenix. (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin)
PHOENIX — Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey is in the final month of his tenure after serving two terms as the state's highest-ranking elected politician. Gov.-elect Katie Hobbs will assume the governorship from Ducey in early January, bringing to an end an administration that focused on the state's economy, navigating through the COVID-19 pandemic, educational priorities, election drama and more. Here's a timeline of Ducey's notable moments over the years: 2015
  • The first bill Ducey signed into law was the American Civics Act. The bill requires Arizona students to pass 60 of the 100 questions on the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization civics test to graduate high school. Eighth grade is the first opportunity for students to take it and they can continue to test until they pass. Nineteen other states have enacted similar legislation since.
  • Launched the Arizona Border Strike Force Bureau, which aims to secure the southern border and stop crime.
  • Apple announced it would be expanding in Arizona with a $2 billion command center in Mesa.
  • Stumped for Prop 123, which passed and put $3.5 billion into K-12 education over the next 10 years. The bill was designed to settle a long-running lawsuit over K-12 school funding. Schools sued over the Legislature's failure to follow a voter-approved law and increase school funding each year to adjust for inflation. The settlement cash came from about $1.3 billion in general fund money and $2.2 billion from a state land trust.
  • Committed to getting thousands of backlogged rape kits tested by creating the Arizona Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit Task Force.
  • Electric vehicle maker Lucid Motors announced it would build a plant in Casa Grande to pump out thousands of vehicles per year.
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