PHOENIX - An overwhelming majority of Arizonans want Congress to do something about prescription drug prices, according to recent polling.

"Arizona's electorate couldn't be more clear," Mike Noble, chief of research and managing partner for OH Predictive Insights, told KTAR News 92.3 FM on Tuesday.

"Regardless of partisanship, voters want a Congress person who will work to combat unaffordable prescription drug costs.”

Each of the five proposed cost-lowering measures included in a survey commissioned by AARP Arizona and conducted last month by OH Predictive Insights received support above 80%.

"The most favored initiative was allowing Medicare to negotiate the price of drugs, winning over an astonishing 94% of Arizona voters," Noble said.

Even the least popular of the options, penalizing drug companies that raise prices faster than inflation, was favored by 84%.

The poll of registered Arizona voters was conducted Sept. 21-27 with demographics weighted to reflect the state's population.

"A key finding in this data was, 65% of Arizona voters are very or somewhat concerned about the affordability of prescription drugs," Noble said.

And based on the findings, it would be politically expedient for a lawmaker to make the issue a priority.

"In fact, 67% of voters would view a member of Congress that takes action to lower drug prices more favorably," Noble said.

"Even Congress members of a voter's differing political party who take action to lower drug prices would still enjoy the support of 59% of Arizona voters."