PHOENIX — A personal finance website ranked Gilbert as one of the safest cities in the nation.

The East Valley city came in at No. 12 on WalletHub’s ranking of the safest cities in America, found by comparing 182 cities based on home and community safety, natural disaster risk and financial safety.

Among those categories were 44 relevant metrics, including traffic fatality per capita, number of law enforcement employees per capita, assaults per capita, unemployment rate and the percentage of people uninsured.

Gilbert was found to have a relatively low natural disaster risk (No. 14) while ranking No. 32 with home and community safety and No. 43 in financial safety.

Other East Valley cities weren’t too far away, with Chandler being ranked No. 23 and Scottsdale right after at No. 24.

Peoria came in at No. 32, followed by Mesa (No. 35), Tempe (No. 38) and Glendale (No. 66).

Phoenix was determined to be the least safe Valley city included in the ranking, coming in at No. 109.

The Valley’s most populated city ranked No. 131 with home and community safety while placing No. 25 in natural disaster risk and No. 89 in financial safety.

Outside the Valley, Tucson was ranked among the bottom-half of the cities at No. 161.

The southern Arizona city was hurt by ranking among the lowest with home and community safety (No. 167) and being in the middle of the pack in financial safety (No. 127).

Tucson also ranked much higher than many Valley cities with natural disaster risk at No. 65.

Columbia, Maryland, was determined to be the safest city in America, helped by ranking No. 1 with home and community safety, while St. Louis, Missouri, was considered to be the least safe.