PHOENIX — The University of Arizona is launching a to-go COVID-19 testing program this week aimed at making it easier and more convenient for those on campus to see if they have the virus.

The Cats TakeAwayTesting program utilizes a saline garge PCR test, which has individuals swish and gargle a saline solution before spitting into a tube.

The sample is then returned to one of eight designated pickup and drop-off locations on campus for analysis.

“What we’re looking for, of course, are those asymptomatic people who have no idea that they’re infected and are infecting others,” President Robert Robbins said Monday in a press release.

Initial to-go locations include the Student Union Memorial Center, McClelland Hall and the Global Center.

UArizona doesn’t require weekly testing, but Robbins said the university is recommending it regardless of vaccination status.

Since the start of August, UArizona has recorded a 1.9% positivity rate with more than 16,000 tests performed.

“We must remain diligent, but this change from last year is a good reason for optimism,” Robbins said in the release.

“Continued testing is vital, and our program has been designed with an emphasis on access so that testing is as easy and available as possible.”