PHOENIX - A man who'd been walking nude in middle of a Phoenix street early Friday lost consciousness and died after being detained by police, authorities said.

Officers responded to multiple reports of a unclothed man in the roadway near Seventh Avenue and McDowell Road just before 1 a.m., Phoenix Police Sgt. Vincent Cole said during a press conference.

"Apart from being nude he was speaking incoherently, he was speaking about God and the devil and things like that," Cole said.

"Our concern at that point shifted to his welfare. … Officers wanted to determine exactly what was going on. … The first step in that was moving him to a safe location."

The man started fighting with officers when they tried to move him out of the street, Cole said.

"They placed him on the ground, handcuffed him and utilized a leg restraint," Cole said. "He was then removed to the side of the road in an upright seated position."

Cole said the leg restraints, which attach at the ankles, were used to prevent the man from kicking officers.

"He was on his stomach for a short amount of time," he said. "Officers placed him in a recovery position, which is on your side and allows the person to be more comfortable."

The Phoenix Fire Department was then called in to provide a medical evaluation, Cole said.

"While they were doing that, the male lost consciousness and was transported to a hospital, where he was later pronounced deceased," Cole said.

Police know the identity of the man but aren't yet releasing his name, Cole said.

He said the officers involved were equipped with body-worn cameras that were activated.