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ASU teacher wins VIP experience, heads to ‘Late Late Show’

An ASU theater teacher is on her way to 'The Late Late Show' to meet James Corden on Monday, all thanks to dumb luck.

"It was just one of those serendipities in life," said Melissa Montoya, "I can't believe I won it!"

The Tempe resident won the McDonald's Sip Share Win Sweepstakes that ran from June to August. To enter, Montoya just had to post a video of her karaoke skills.

"The funny thing is that I had to stand next to a McDonald's sign and sing 'Girls Just Want to Have Fun,'" said Montoya, "I didn't have to do any talent, it was a chance win."

As part of the prize, Montoya and her husband are receiving the VIP experience at 'The Late Late Show with James Corden,' with the opportunity to meet Corden himself.

Along with air and hotel accommodations for the show, Montoya will also be getting a Swag Bag, a $1,000 gift card and one year of live music at a retail value of $3,000.

Besides the cash prizes, Montoya is looking forward to meeting Corden.

"He's hilarious. I'm most excited about meeting him," said Montoya.

The ASU teacher is still reeling from the excitement of getting away from the stresses of work to watch the Carpool Karaoke creator.

"It'll be most fun to just go and have a little mini vacation away," Montoya said, "It was just a complete surprise."

As for Montoya's students who are in the midst of a project, she hopes her winning video submission will give them motivation.

"If they get through it, I'll tell them where they can go to watch my video!" said Montoya.    

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